About us

Our Mission: Safeguarding water supply

Water distribution network is the final barrier in delivering high quality water

Clean water is absolutely crucial for global health and prosperity. Access to safe drinking water is an integral part of the UN sustainability goals.

Traditional water quality monitoring is becoming increasingly inadequate in the face of challenges posed by climate change, aging infrastructure, energy efficiency, population growth and urbanization.

At Aqua Alarm, our goal is to change that permanently. We will gather various data and information, analyze them, and present the network status to ensure consumers’ water safety and to support the water utility companies in managing their facilities.

Our starting point is sensor technology. We have developed sensors that are small, durable, robust and low-cost sensors that provide online monitoring in the distribution network of biological cell counts based on novel technology. The sensors are reagent-less and do not need frequent servicing.

We will combine developments of software and machine learning solutions with utilizing our own and other sensors and data sources, to reach our goals.

Our Organization

….consist of a rapidly growing team of water-, sensor-, software and data science professionals, whereof 3 with highly relevant PhD’s. In addition, we have an experienced team of business developers, active investors and development partners.

If you are interested in our Mission, feel free to contact our CEO, Hasse Storebakken (hs@aquaalarm.net), for a talk.