Aqua Alarm technology

Our sensors excel at monitoring biology changes. Yet, they are way cheaper than regular sensors. This allows for widespread drinking water distribution network monitoring, better data – and a safer network. Our software solutions will also use data from other sensors and other data sources, making sure you are well informed about biological anomalies that represent a risk.

Why us

The Aqua Alarm bio-sensor concept

The biological detection module takes advantage of a physiochemical phenomenon called intrinsic fluorescence. Intrinsic fluorescence occurs when a chemical compound called a fluorophore is exposed to a specific wavelength of light called the excitation wavelength, that excites the compound. This wavelength often has a high frequency. Within a short time of the compound being excited it emits a new wavelength with a lower frequency, at the emission wavelength. Some fluorophores can be found naturally in bacteria and other pathogens.

Unwanted bacteria
Figure 1: Unwanted bacteria in drinking water

The biological detection module continuously exposes the drinking water to a high frequency excitation wavelength of a known fluorophore and measures the intensity of the lower frequency emission wavelength. If there are bacteria in the drinking water (see figure 1), they will be exposed to high frequency light (see figure 2), and emit lower frequency light (see figure 3).

Bacteria exposed to light
Figure 2: The module exposed the drinking water and potential bacteria to high frequency light

The intensity of the emission wavelength is directly related to the total number of cells present in the drinking water.

Fluorophores in bacteria emit light
Figure 3: The fluorophores in the bacteria cells emit light with a lower frequency

Road map

We are presently testing the sensors and technology in a municipality near Oslo. We are open for cooperation with other water distribution providers that would like to be part of early phase experimentation and developments. Do not hesitate to make contact with Hasse Storebakken, our CEO (hs@aquaalarm.net).