Funding secured from RFF Hovedstaden for AQUA alarm project

Published: 2019-06-19

The project «Disruptive sensor technology for strengthening water quality management in Norwegian municipalities»1 has been granted funding from RFF Hovedstaden, with the goal of further developing sensors specifically for continuously monitoring water quality in local water distribution networks.

Biological detectors will measure the current bacterial load at a number of strategic points in the network, enabling continuous control. Further studies aiming to establish a new concept for the chemical detector variant will also be carried out. These sensors will enable early detection and rapid response in the event of bacterial or toxicological contamination.

The AQUA alarm sensor technology allow accurate, continuous, real-time control of the water quality, using small, robust, and cheap units. The sensors will be able to detect a broad spectrum of biological and chemical contaminants, and will allow greater quality control in the water distribution networks.

We are exited to work directly with the municipalities to develop the sensors further, to meet their needs in the best way possible.

Hasse Storebakken, general manager of Aqua Alarm and WE Sustain

Nannestad Municipality owns the project and welcomes the new technology.

We are looking forward to testing the technology in our facilities, and we are happy to get this opportunity to provide input to the development process. This way we can ensure that the technology that is developed becomes as useful as possible for municipalities in Norway.

This is unique technology, enabling immediate warning when there are infectious organisms present in the water. Technology like this will be necessary to ensure that we can avoid any more incidents where infectious diseases are spread via the drinking water.

Adel Al-Jumaily, project leader for future water supply in Nannestad Municipality

The project is planned to officially start on the 1st of October this year, and will continue for a period of three years.

Partners in addition to the project owner are WE Sustain AS, Sensovann AS, the University of South-Eastern Norway, Bærum Municipality, Eidsvoll Municipality and Ski Municipality. Aqua Alarm is a joint venture between WE Sustain and Sensovann, focusing on delivering the core technology for the project.


  1. Official project name in Norwegian: «Disruptiv sensorteknologi for å styrke vannkvalitetsstyring i kommunene».